The Real Reason For Dad Jokes

Posted by on March 18, 2015 in Blog

The Real Reason For Dad Jokes

It’s common knowledge that all Dads have stupid, corny jokes that they all think are hilarious. But why is this? What evolutionary or genetic explanation is there for this that isn’t too scientific and boring?

I have the answer my friends. It’s because, as Dads, most guys had to more or less say goodbye to their younger, party-hardy lifestyle. As such – and this is especially true if said Dads friends didn’t manage to have kids at the same time as them – they pretty much stopped hanging out with their friends on anything close to a regular basis.
Because of this, the poor Dad – now out of his element and thrown into the “wild” of parenthood – basically has to stay amused all by his lonesome, but he also has to keep it PG (at the naughtiest – can’t have the kids being corrupted, you know?).

As a result, Dad jokes become his new close friend and solace.

Thanks, I know it’s a solid theory. It’s because it’s TRUE!

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