The Amazing Wonders of the GROpener

Posted by on August 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

There’s just something funny about people self-pitching their own stuff. Granted, it’s even funnier when said product absolutely sucks, or said pitchman is absolutely awful at pitching much of anything. But even if the product in question is actually useful, said videos can still be pretty funny — as evidenced above.

Now, all funny and making fun of things aside, this is actually a really cool invention. Indeed, it may even be the future of bottle openers or the like. However, it’s just the super-serious way the guy tries to go about selling and demonstrating the product that really got me. Or at least got me laughing.

Maybe absolutely no one else at all will find this humorous, but you know what? That’s totally fine. Did you hear me? That’s TOTALLY fine. DO YOU WANT TO FIGHT ABOUT IT? HUH?

Sorry, I got a bit too riled up there. Sometimes I go into violent rages. I tend to do that on Wednesday’s, no idea why. I also tend to do it when I see examples of parenting fail in a public place. But yeah, go ahead and watch the video above and feel free to leave comments detailing just how unfunny it actually is in the comments. I can’t wait to scathingly reply to them so let’s get the party started!

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