10 Reasons That Playing The Ukulele Will Help You Find Love

Posted by on September 1, 2018 in Blog

10 Reasons That Playing The Ukulele Will Help You Find Love

Is it possible to travel to Hawaii instantaneously, without even buying a plane ticket? Yes! Just play an amazing musical instrument called a ukulele and the magic sounds from the very first chords will take you to the seashore, right to the sunny Hawaiian Islands.

A ukulele is a Hawaiian version of a guitar with four strings. This instrument was invented by a Portuguese man named Manuel Nuñez in the 1880s. Nunez developed the instrument by borrowing elements of the braguinha (a miniature guitar from the island of Madeira) and the cavaquinho (a Portuguese miniature guitar).

The last Queen of Hawaii, Liliuokalani, said that “ukulele” means “a gift that came here”: uku (gift) and lele (to come). According to another version, the word translates to “jumping fleas.” That’s because the finger movements that someone makes when he plays the instrument are similar to the movements of jumping fleas.

There’s a reason that this wonderful instrument has an army of fans around the world. Do you fancy becoming a master ukulele player? I certainly hope so, but if you don’t, here are ten reasons why you should:

1. Playing the ukulele helps develop your personality

Ukulele lessons train your memory and help you focus. You creatively develop yourself and begin to better understand the surrounding world. You soak in everything around you and begin to understand that sound and music are everywhere. 

2. It’s easy to learn how to play

Anyone can start playing this four-string guitar. You can learn a few simple songs in a couple of days or even hours.

3. The Ukulele has a small size and weight

This musical instrument is different from its larger “friends.” It’s the smallest guitar in the world. You can easily hide it in a compact case, bag, suitcase, backpack or oversized fanny pack.

4. It helps develop concentration

You learn to think spatially, remember chords, and combine your own voice into your ukulele playing. In addition, music helps to pick you up when you’re emotionally exhausted and return you to your previous level of productivity.

5. It improves fine motor skills

As you play, you will develop fine motor skills and strengthen the muscles of your hands. Playing the ukulele also requires an upright posture; improving your posture will do wonders for your physical health in the long run. 

6. Playing a ukulele helps fight anxiety

Scientists say that music therapy helps you learn how to control your emotions and stick to positive thinking. And over time, a ukulele brings more and more joy because you start to play better and understand the essence of music.

7. You can increase your music vocabulary

As you learn about the instrument and its history, you will learn a lot of new terms and historical facts; ergo, you’ll find it easier to start and maintain a conversation about the intricacies of music. 

8. It’s the first step toward mastering the guitar

Many people dream of mastering some musical instrument (guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, etc.), but not all are ready to put in the work that mastering an instrument actually requires. You should pursue your ambition gradually and carefully. Once you master the elements and principles of ukulele sound production, you’ll find that it’s much easier to pick up a guitar and play it.

9. You’ll meet new people

Music attracts people. Everyone loves to gather around a person playing a musical instrument. Sometime folks grab food and cocktails and watch someone play for hours and hours. Just sing a couple of songs, and you’ll quickly find yourself in the spotlight. If you want to develop your communication skills, then playing the ukulele is a simple and effective way to make new friends. Also, the ukulele tends to make a special impression on girls, so it’s an ideal option if you want a girlfriend.

10. You will improve your self-worth

Playing the ukulele is the golden key to increasing your self confidence. Everyone has the desire to wake up in the morning, stare in the mirror and say, “I really am the greatest!” Playing the ukulele is a confidence builder like no other. Whenever you discover something new, your self-assurance grows like a weed. 

As you can see, the ukulele is an extraordinary musical instrument that you can learn to master without traveling to Honolulu, but if you do visit a Hawaiian beach, be sure to take your ukulele and go relax by the waves with an adult beverage. As soon as you begin playing this majestic instrument, you’ll find yourself surrounded by busty bikini models.

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