BBC Reporter Keeping It Real

Posted by on August 6, 2013 in Golden Tweets, Tweets of the Day

Now don’t get me wrong — I get the whole buzz and excitement surrounding the birth of a new Royal baby in England. Especially since it’s now been revealed that it’s a boy.

Anyway, as someone who’s had two kids myself, I know just how awesome, magical and all that good stuff that a new infant being born can bring. Outside of the specific and gruesome details surrounding the baby’s actual and physical arrival via the absolute decimation of our good old friend, the vagina, the birth of new baby’s is generally an amazing, happy and soul-warming kind of time.

“More to come… none of it news… because I don’t come from Buckingham Palace.”

Now, while I can’t say for certain, because, well, let’s be honest — who can ever really tell for certain what in the world those crazy Brits are saying half the time anyway — I’m going to go on a limb here and Mr. Simon McCoy (the reporter’s name, dummy) is basically saying, “Hey, it’s not my kid, why in the heck are we going to be reporting exclusively on this baby for the next 72 hours nonstop?”

And hey, he has a point. But then again, you can kind of understand why there’ll be such non-stop news coverage. So I guess it’s neither here nor there and this entire spiel has been completely pointless. Until next time, friends, same Bat time, same Bat place!

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