Dudes Dealing With Breakups

Posted by on August 10, 2013 in Golden Tweets, Tweets of the Day

While some of this stuff is obviously a bit over-exaggerated, it’s still absolutely hilarious, and the acting is really, really top-notch. Like, to the point where it was SO good it almost took away from the skit itself — but in a way, it also heightened it because it became much funnier than perhaps it would have been with less skilled actors.

In regards to the truthfulness of the video, however, a lot of the stuff is true, from the working out to get ripped right after a breakup, all the way to watching a ton more, super-specific porn to help “fill the void.”

Wait, what am I admitting to here… uhh… so yeah, just go watch the video, it’s good stuff. Gottagothanksseeyalater!

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