Goshdarnit Frank, Too Soon!

Posted by on July 15, 2013 in Golden Tweets, Tweets of the Day

We all have those friends without a filter. Those stupid, stupid, friends that usually cause us to get into fistfights with random strangers at completely random times of day or night.

Apparently, Frank Taaffe is just one of those kinds of people.
Now, I’m not necessarily saying that what this scumbag said was funny in any way, shape, or form – but what was funny is everyone’s exasperated reaction to what he said. It’s almost as if they knew he’d say it and weren’t too surprised that he did say it, but were still disgusted because it was just a classic case of Frank being Frank.

“Goshdarnit Frank, TOO SOON!”

As for Frank, well… maybe we should just tie him up, shoot him and throw him off a boat into the deep ocean, yes? Who’s with me?! Wait, what? Oh… I’m doing that not filtering what I type thing again, aren’t I? Ah… sorry guys. My bad…

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