JagerBonds: Collate, Categorize, and Quantify Your Night Out on The Town

Posted by on April 27, 2014 in Funny Videos

Have you ever thought to yourself: Wow, I take lots of pictures when I go to parties, but they end up all over the place because I’m too drunk to properly file them? Have we found the app for you! As detailed in this video by Joe’s Daily, JagerBonds, presented by Jägermeister, is a free app for your smartphone that allows you to set a specified time period in which your party will commence, and the app will automatically gather together all photos and video your phone takes during that time period into a succinct slide show, allowing you to relive your night out complete with a soundtrack of your choosing. It’s a really cool app that should allow the recording of your all night excursions to be accomplished just a tad easier than before. Check out more from Joe’s Daily here, on Youtube.

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