Presenting Thug Notes… It’s Like Spark Notes… But For Gangsters!

Posted by on August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

There’s just some things that the world needs, even if we didn’t even really know that the world even needed it. And one of those things, most definitely, is Thug Notes. It’s essentially Spark Notes, but presented — via video, so you don’t have to read absolutely ANYTHING — and with an original gangster styled twist.

It’s really not something that can be explained very well and instead must be more experienced than anything else. But I can tell you, that it’s definitely going to be something that you’ll, A.) become instantly addicted to and, B.) instantly want more of right after the fact.

I mean, there’s not only a recap of the story, but also a complete analysis, gangster style. It’s just amazing. Simply amazing. Kinda like turducken, the first time you have it. It’s like, how have I lived my life up until now without this marvelous invention?

It’s just that good. And it’s just that hilarious. And I’m just going to stop typing right here and right now, okay? Okay!

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